University of Wisconsin–Madison

International Education Week Keynote Speaker

From mission to market: a future for Salvadorian youth through entrepreneurship, education & employment

Ariela Suster Founder/Creative Director of Sequence Collection

5:30-6:30 p.m., Monday, November 13

Gordon Dining and Event Center, Sonata and Concerto Rooms

Ariela Suster
Ariela Suster , keynote speaker for 2017 International Education Week, is founder and creative director of Sequence Collection.

When Ariela Suster launched the Sequence Collection in 2011, she aspired to create something more than a designer jewelry and fashion brand—she wanted to create a vehicle for social change. Growing up during the Salvadoran Civil War, Ariela Suster and her family experienced violence firsthand.  Suster has built Sequence out of her personal mission to break the cycle of violence for at-risk youth through education and employment opportunities. Today, Sequence employs at-risk youth from her native El Salvador, introducing them to the highly creative world of fashion and helping them to build artisanal and entrepreneurial skills of their own.

Suster will share her journey—from her time in El Salvador to editor of some of the world’s top fashion publications to creating a business that is encouraging social change through a for-profit business model—and how international education has played a part.

Be sure to come early and check out the Global Engagement Fair, right before Suster’s keynote speech!

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